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Safe-T-Chair Automatic Manual Wheelchair Braking System

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No Assembly Required- The Safe-T-Chair Arrives Ready To Use!
The Jerry-Lock Brake System's simple and amazingly effective mechanism automatically applies wheel brakes whenever the occupant is transferring to or from the wheelchair ensuring that the wheelchair is in a safe and stable "locked" condition. When unoccupied the wheelchair brakes remain engaged and do not release until the occupant is safely seated or the attendant releases the palm levers.

Manual brake lock-offs are designed to lock off to the outside for visibility, and allow the wheelchair to be easily brought along when occupant is ambulating. Our exclusive patented gravity released lock-off system automatically releases when sitting in the chair or depressing the palm levers.

Jerry-Lock Brake System™. Extended lever length for palm comfort comes standard.

Our Safe-T-Chairs are comprised of one or more precision tooled Jerry Ford brake systems pre-mounted on a quality Everest & Jennings 18" or 20" Wheelchair.

Please Note
The 18" Wheelchair has a Maximum Weight Capacity of 250 lb. The 20" Wheelchair has a Maximum Weight Capacity of 300 lb.

All chairs can be set in Standard Height-19" or Hemi Height-17".

Safe-T-Chair System is the only Fall Prevention and Anti-Rollback/Automatic Breaking System on the market with the following quality features:
Does not hinder normal operation of the wheelchair
Palm release for easy movement of unoccupied wheelchair
No under seat pressure points
Easy Lock-Off for ambulating patients with auto reset

Purchasing the Safe-T-Chair does not interfere with existing wheelchair “Preferred Vendor” contracts, because the Safe-T-Chair is an Integrated System…not just a wheelchair.

America’s aging population means costs from falls will continue to rise rapidly. Organizations can limit exposure to these costs with the industry’s most effective fall prevention and safety system…The Safe-T-Chair.

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